Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Decorating with Branches

Hello everyone!

As much as I love using flowers in my home, I also love using branches.  I like the texture they bring to a space and the unique shape they have.   Best of all, I can go outside and pick them right out of my own yard.  We have a lot of trees in my yard, so branches are plentiful.  

I wanted to share some inspiration pics as well.  There are a lot of great ways to use them.  

Don't they make a statement?!

So, I set off to do the same in my home in my dining room.  I brought up an urn from my basement and filled it with some oasis.  I used some curly willow branches mixed in with some from my own yard and arranged them in the oasis.  Then I covered the base with spanish moss.  

The good thing about this kind of project, is that it doesn't have to be perfect.  Branches on trees aren't, so mine don't have to be either.  

It's just another way to add texture and interest to a room.

So, next time you're picking up twigs etc from your yard after a storm,  don't throw them out so quickly.  If they have an interesting shape.  Save them and make a branch arrangement of your own!

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~ Kelly ~

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Time

Hello everyone!

I hope you had a nice Easter yesterday.  It was a beautiful day here in Georgia and it's still going strong this week!  I wanted to share a few snippets from Easter yesterday and some shots from around the house outside.  I just love this time of year!  

My youngest son knows the truth about the Easter bunny, however, he still wanted a basket.  So, I wasn't about to disappoint him!

I'm sure he will be on a sugar high the rest of the week!  

We included our dog in the festivities as well.  He got a new toy bone!  It was hard to get a pic of him sitting still. He was off in a flash to play with it as soon as he got it.

I forgot to take pics of our breakfast, but it was very good.  After breakfast, we headed over to my inlaws for an Easter dinner.  I brought this orange bundt cake. It was delicious!

I included a link to the recipe in my last post (if you're interested). 

Outside, things are looking so pretty now.  The grass is greening up and the trees are budding leaves now.  One of my favorite trees is our River Birch by our front walkway.  It's always so bare in the Winter, so I know summer is coming when it's full of leaves again.

I refilled my bird feeders only to find the usual suspects eating out of them again.

The dogwood trees are in bloom too.

I haven't done much on my front porch yet since we've had some cold snaps and rain lately.  I need to clean it real well first.  So, this is all I've done at the moment.

My husband is buying some clear stain to put on our back deck now that he's cleaned it.  I'm so glad that he's getting some stuff done around here finally!  

See?  This IS a good time of year.  

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~ Kelly ~

Friday, April 18, 2014

Hydrangeas and French Ticking Stripes

Hello everyone!

With so many of us planning our Easter meals for this weekend, I thought I'd share some of my newest additions to my table in the kitchen.

I will be making us an Easter breakfast of homemade waffles and bacon.  Yum!  The weather is supposed to be in the low 70's and sunny.  I'm so happy about that!

So, these pics were taken in the early morning sun.

I found these French ticking striped pillows at 

..........wait for it..............


Can you even believe it?!  I purchased the original ones from an Etsy shop in France just last year!

So this fabric is an exact replica of the pattern.  I also have the originals in beige in my family room.

Target has got it going on!!

I also added some white hydrangeas to a galvanized container as a centerpiece.

Shhhh...........they are fake!

I hope the "fresh flower police" don't come after me now.

I'm planning on making this orange bundt cake too.  

Source:  Zu Haus at Home

Hope all of you get some early morning sunshine on Easter as well!  

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~ Kelly ~

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How to Make an Impressive Lavender Display

Hello everyone!

Remember when I took you shopping with me last weekend?  I found that wonderful lavender display that was created with faux lavender from Hobby Lobby.  I briefly explained how it was done, but thought I would show you with pictures too.  I already had some of the faux lavender on hand and wanted to make mine look as good as the one I saw.  

So I started with this container.

Then I added some grocery sacks to fill it up just a bit, since my container was so deep.

Then I used some of this (purchased at Hobby Lobby with coupon). It came with several blocks in the pkg.

I placed some on top of the grocery sacks.  

Then I made sure to spread out the flowers on each of these stems to get a fuller look.  They start off looking like this.

I poked each stem down into the foam blocks making sure to angle them near the edge of the container.

When done, it looked like this!  This looks pretty full with only using 4 flower bushes too.

What I find the foam blocks do, that the plain grocery sacks don't do by themselves, is it allows you to control the angle of the flowers and keeps them secure.  That's what allowed me a fuller look using fewer flowers than normal.  

I did the same thing in my foyer with the flowers in my olive bucket.


So there you have it!  A lush display that didn't cost a fortune.  

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~ Kelly ~

Monday, April 14, 2014

Wall Sconces

Hello everyone!

Hope you all had a good weekend.  It was so nice and sunny here.  It was hard to say goodbye to a nice weekend like that.

I wanted to share the item that I found at the antique mall with you.  

I found these old looking (but they're probably not) candle wall sconces.

I have been wanting some wall sconces for a while now, but haven't been able to find exactly what I was looking for without a huge price tag.  Until I saw these!

I love how they match the frame on the mirror so well and even compliment the style of the mirror.

I'm not going to add candles to them though.  I like them empty.

I love how they stick out from the wall giving some added dimension to the space.

Here is a better close-up.

And I couldn't leave without sharing my latest love, my flowering cherry tree right outside my dining room window.  This is the first year that it has done this well.  I think it's finally mature enough to show all of it's flowers now.  I recall getting it several years ago for Mother's Day.

It has finally gotten tall enough where I notice it from the street.  It compliments the left side of our house perfectly.  I wish I had one more in the backyard too. Maybe we will plant one when the swing set comes down.  That should be in the near future.

Can you believe it is almost Easter?!  Time is flying by.

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~ Kelly ~

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Shopping Tour

Hello everyone!

Are you having a good Saturday so far?  It was an early morning for me.  I had to take my son to the dentist for a cleaning.  He has to go more frequently with his braces now.  Then I came home, and my husband was doing this!

He is pressure washing our back deck.  It hasn't been done in so long!  Isn't it a pretty day outside?  We are loving the sunshine today.  

The other day I went to my favorite antique store to walk around.  I brought my camera so you could come along with me. (I'm sure my sister will recognize this place!)

I stopped in one of my favorite booths.  I love all the blue and white dishes they have and french style accessories. This is the booth that I bought my blue and white plates from last time.  

Just check out all the french goodness in this booth! 

(This dresser reminds me of mine in my foyer.)

I would love to have that large blue and white platter and pitcher!  They're expensive though.

See?  They have fresh lavender bundles, pretty artwork and grain sacks too.

She sells a lot of french baskets which I love as well.

Ok..........there is more to see.  I took too long in this booth.

If you are a pillow hoarder like me, then you'll LOVE this booth!

I met the lady while she was setting up this booth.  She said all of her pillows are handmade with real french linens.  I believe her too!  (You should see the prices.)  They're all so beautiful though.  

More cute stuff.

I loved this harvest basket filled with twigs.

I about died when I saw this arrangement!  This is the same faux lavender that I have.  They placed it in an old bucket, but arranged it in oasis so it would have a fluffier look.  I loved how it looked.  I have some in my olive bucket in the kitchen.  I may give that a try.  They wanted over $100 for this arrangement.  WHAT?????

You can get this stuff at Hobby Lobby and make it yourself.  No need to spend that kind of money!

Are you still with me? 

What's not to love about this?  (Oh, the price.)  It was $89.  And I would need 2 thankyou!  

I loved these hanging planters with wire.

Another cute wall basket.  I liked the greenery.

Couldn't resist taking a picture of this.  It's just like my dog!

Well, that's all for today.  I hope I didn't put you to sleep with my long shopping tour.  This place is huge and can take hours to go through.  Oh, and did I purchase anything?  Glad you asked!  Yes I did.  I will share that in another post. is in one of these pictures that I shared with you.  

Thanks for stopping by!

Enjoy your weekend.

~ Kelly ~